What's happening in the appointment centre? June 26- July 2

The appointment centre experienced a decrease in appointments booked (-13.4%) which is typical for the last week of June due to the end of school year for many, graduations, and the Canada Day weekend. Although we are down -32.2% compared to last year, we are up 17.8% compared to the more typical market of 2019. 

The appointment/sold index dropped slightly to 11.6 as we see a slight drop in the amount of buyers, but an increase in the quality of buyers. Thus, quality conscious and informed buyers are making quicker decisions. These buyers are taking advantage of locked in rates.

The $1-2M price range continues to see the most demand in Hamilton and Halton. In Hamilton and Niagara, we saw a slight shuffle but remained in the mid-high ranges. In Halton, we continue to see mid, high and luxury 2M+ price ranges in the top 5.


Appt Centre April 17-23.jpg