What's happening in the appointment centre? Oct. 11-17

What's happening in the appointment centre? Oct. 11-17

Appointments started low at the beginning of the week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday closure on Monday, but then ramped up by the end of the week resulting in an increase of 11.2% over last week. Appointments overall in October continue to far outperform October 2019 with 51.5% more appointments month to date.

Our Sold/Appointment index rose slightly, with Buyers booking an average of 14.3 appointments before signing on the dotted line. Buyers continue to enter the market, but listings are scarce.

When we look at our weekly breakdown of appointments, Friday saw the highest number of appointments which is typical. 

Our weekly review of popular price ranges saw a dip in the most popular price range - from $550k-600k to 350-400k. Overall Hamilton prices remain similar to last week. Burlington’s luxury properties continue to be the most popular, with the remainder of the top 5 in the mid ranges. Niagara’s top spot dropped slightly to 400-450k, with little change to the other popular price points.