What's happening in the appointment centre? Dec. 8-14

What's happening in the appointment centre? Dec. 8-14

Appointments are predictably slowing down as we draw closer to the holiday season, however December appointments continue to break records, with 28.2% more appointments this December than last year to date. Also of note is the fact that Saturdays in December are seeing more appointments than usual, indicating that consumers are continuing to view properties on weekends even this close to the holidays.

Our Sold/Appointment Index has risen to 23.4 appointments on average per property sold during the week, due to the fact that fewer appointments are being made in general, and fewer properties are selling over the course of the week.

Overall, popular price points in Hamilton and Niagara remain on par with the past few weeks. Burlington is seeing a rise again in the luxury price point, with the injection of low and mid price points also showing popularity.