What's happening in the appointment centre? Feb. 2-8

What's happening in the appointment centre? Feb. 2-8

The first full week of February saw 12% more appointments than the previous week, and 37.1% more appointments in the first 8 days of the month than we saw in 2019! Of note are the number of appointments booked on Friday, which were the highest number of appointments booked in a single day since May 3, 2019, and prior to that, not since April 7, 2017! Saturday appointments were also off the charts, with a Saturday high that has not been seen since March 25, 2017.

Our Sold/Appointment index rose to 25.3 appointments on average per property sold during the week - once again, directly related to a lack of listings, so requests are flooding in from Buyers to those listings that are active.

Popular price points in Hamilton dropped slightly from last week, while Burlington saw the highest amount of activity in the $1-2M range, followed by more activity in the mid-range for the area. Niagara saw the majority of activity in predictable ranges, with the exception of a higher than usual popularity of the $650-700k range.

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