What's happening in the appointment centre? Oct. 25-31

What's happening in the appointment centre? Oct. 25-31

As the colder weather started to set in last week, we saw a decline in the number of appointments managed by our Appointment Centre. The week saw 8.24% more new listings, but a slight 3.8% decline in the number of sales, taking our 
Sold/Appointment Index down slightly to 11.6 appointments on average per property sold during this time frame. 

Overall, October saw an incredible increase in total appointments, with 59% more than were recorded in October 2019, with 4738 more appointments booked this year than in all of 2019. 

Our weekly review of popular price ranges saw some marked changes in the Hamilton and Burlington regions. The Top Price Range in Hamilton was $650-700k - up from $350-400k the previous week. Burlington’s most popular price point was $550-600k - suprising when the $1-2M range has topped our charts for many weeks.  This price point did appear, however in the #2 spot, while the remainder of our rankings for this area varied from very low for the region back up to $800-900k. Niagara remained fairly consistent with last week with the same two price ranges in our first and second spots.