What's happening in the Appointment Centre? October 1-7

As October kicks off, we saw 8.5% fewer appointments week-over week, and 15% fewer appointments so far in October when compared to 2022. In addition, our busiest day was Thursday rather than Friday with just over 400 total appointments, likely due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend and buyers taking time away from real estate to spend time with family and friends. 

The appointment/sold index has increased after a two week decline, indicating that buyers are motivated but are taking advantage of comparative shopping with more inventory coming to the market. Buyers with November 30th rate holds are fuelling the current market, and should be out in full force in the coming weeks.  

Our top price ranges, although fairly consistent, did see some small changes this week. As usual, the $1-2M price range remains at #1 in both Hamilton and Halton, although this range has lost some popularity in Niagara. Hamilton is seeing some lower price ranges like the $450-500k range find their way into the top five. Halton is still seeing the higher price ranges as most popular in the region. Niagara continues to see lower to mid price ranges occupying nearly the entire chart with the exception of the $1-2M and $750-800k ranges.