What's happening in the appointment centre? September 22-28

What's happening in the appointment centre? September 22-28

Appointments remained almost on par last week, with a 1.1% increase over the previous week. September continues to be leaps and bounds ahead of September 2018, with 32% more appointments than last year, with 2 days still to go in the month. Friday saw 572 appointments booked - that’s the highest number of appointments booked in a single day since May 10!

Our Sold/Appointment Index dropped marginally to 21.3 appointments on average per property booked - still showing that we are seeing an influx of Buyers entering into the market. This time last year, the 4 week average for this index was around 15 appointments.

Price ranges in Hamilton remained steady, however the $500-550k price range became the most popular, where it was in the middle of the pack in previous weeks. Burlington saw a resurgence of popularity in the $1-2M price range. The Top 4 price ranges in Niagara remained consistent with past weeks, however the #5 spot showed a jump in popularity of the $650-700k range, which is leaning more toward the luxury price point for this region.