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What's happening in the appointment centre? Nov 20-26

Market Conditions

Appointments are down -13.6% as the cold November weather continues to cool down the late Fall market. This past week, there was only 24 more listings than sales, as buyers snap up inventory.  The appointment/sold index dropped to 14.1 as buyers take advantage of rate holds, and are making qui...

What's happening in the appointment centre? Nov 13 - Nov 19

Market Conditions

Appointments dropped down a minuscule -3.2% from last week, as frigid November weather cools down the late Fall market. The minimal change suggests a gradual cooling similar to previous years. The appointment/sold index has shot up from 27.1 to 39.3, indicating sales are lagging behind an infl...

What's happening in the appointment centre? Nov 6 - Nov 12

Market Conditions

Appointments are up a significant 9% compared to last week, as November is starting strong due to a delayed fall market. It may be just 1 week of robust numbers, however it could mean that sales could have a strong finish to the end of the year.  The appointment to sold/index has risen dramati...