What's happening in the appointment centre? July 7 - 13

What's happening in the appointment centre? July 7 - 13

Last week the appointment centre continued displaying unusual growth for this time of year. Appointments were up 14.5% during the week, while July to date is truly off the charts with a 51.6% increase over 2018. Of note is the fact that in 2018, the number of appointments during the week never exceeded 400 in any one day, and we booked 198 more appointments on Saturday than last year! July is turning out to be much busier than usual for the beginning of the summer, a trend that Conrad Zurini predicted because of the late winter/early spring delay we saw in our local market.

Our Sold/Appointment Index has slowly risen over the past few weeks, indicating that despite the volume of appointments, value seeking consumers are booking more appointments coupled with an increase in new GTA buyers entering the market.

Burlington continues to maintain a 5 week trend of $1-2M properties being the highest in popularity, while Hamilton buyers are leaning toward the mid ranges. Niagara prices have shifted up slightly, with areas of most demand being 300-350K.

June 23-29.png