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What's happening in the appointment centre? Jan 29 - Feb 4

Market Conditions

Appointments are up from the previous week, despite the harsh weather. New Listings and Solds are both up from last week, as our companies start the year off very strong. The appointment/sold index inched downward for the 4th week in a row, showing how sales are keeping pace with listings, and ...

MARKET PULSE: January 2023

Market Conditions

January 2023 is a clear indication of how RE/MAX Escarpment and RE/MAX Niagara have left their competition in the dust, with regards to sales and listings. Clearly we have outperformed our trading areas by over 30 percentage points.  Consumers are looking to our 2 companies to market their prop...

The 'R' Word

Market Conditions

by Conrad Zurini | Owner and Broker of Record  I love the holidays! Last year’s holiday break was super chill for my family and I. Christmas fell on the Sunday which meant extra quiet time at home, Monday and Tuesday. Although looking back now, it was the calm before the storm... The 6 months...