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What's happening in the appointment centre? Nov. 28 - Dec. 4

Market Conditions

Appointments slowed slightly this week, as appointments decreased -17.5% compared to the last week, and STILL we outperformed last November by 5.8%! This means that November 2021 has outperformed all previous years during the same time frame.  The ask/sold ratio continues to hover around the 15 ...

Average home price in Hamilton will top $909,000 next year: report

Real Estate In the News

By Sebastian Bron  |  Spectator Reporter  |  Thu., Dec. 2, 2021 Fifteen years ago, the average home in Hamilton would cost you around $217,800. Today, that number has nearly quadrupled. And it could yet grow even bigger. A just-released housing outlook report from Re/Max suggests the average...

What's happening in the appointment centre? Nov. 21-27

Market Conditions

November 2021 is on track to outperform November 2020, needing only 70 appointments to surpass all of November last year. So far this month, we have booked 9.4% more appointments than the same time frame last year.  The sold/appointment index rose a fraction of a point to 15.1, showing that for ...