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What's happening in the appointment centre? May 2-8

Market Conditions

The appointment saw a 169.4% increase in appointments compared to this time last year, as 2021 continues to prove that we are in a strong and resilient market.  The sold/appointment index continues to inch downward for the third week in a row, as buyers enter the market at a slower pace than the...

Outperforming the Industry: April 2021

Market Conditions

One year ago we hit the bottom of the valley with the first Covid 19 shutdown. Much uncertainty ensued for our industry.  Then there was the great real estate rebound.  April 2021 has shown us how our company's momentum has continued into Q2 of this year. April has illustrated, once again how our...

What's happening in the appointment centre? April 25 - May 1

Market Conditions

The Appointment Centre booked a whopping 550.5% more appointments than April 2020! It is safe to say that the market bounced back from the dramatic decline we saw this time last year, due to COVID-19. Appointments are down from last month, but as you can see in the graph below - this month outpe...