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What's happening in the appointment centre? July 24-30

Market Conditions

Appointments are down slightly by -5.3%, attributable to consumers getting away for the August long weekend. Our Spring monthly comparison appointments were down -35.4%, currently we have narrowed the gap by 8%, showing that we have a more normalized summer market, in line with July 2019. The ...

What's happening in the appointment centre? July 17-23

Market Conditions

Appointments are up 5.9% over the previous week, and are up slightly compared to the pre-pandemic July 2019. In comparison to last year however, we are down -29.9% due to the unusually busy market we saw in July 2021.  Our sold to appointment index has been teetering  up and down for the last 3...

What's happening in the appointment centre? July 10-16

Market Conditions

As the slower summer market sets in, appointments are down a minor -0.8%. The appointment/sold index sits at 13.6 which is comparable to last week.  Traditionally the summer market slows down at this point, however, after last week’s interest rate increase, as predicted, there was an uptick in ...