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MARKET PULSE: December 2021

Market Conditions

2021 will go on record as one of the most defining years in our local and Canadian real estate market. December activity was slightly lighter then last year, but much higher then 2019!  Inventory is extremely low, and our sales are outpacing new listings, which adds up to a very strong seller’s m...

What's happening in the appointment centre? Jan. 9-15

Market Conditions

January continues to outperform the same time frame last year, with 28.6% more appointments so far this month! Appointments are also up 5.1% compared to last week.  The Appointment/Sold index is down from last week but still higher than previous weeks. This is simply because the buyers are out...

What's happening in the appointment centre? Jan. 2-8

Market Conditions

As we leave the Holiday Season and enter the New Year, we can see appointments ramping up at a rapid pace. Friday Jan. 7th saw 1010 appointments booked and Saturday Jan. 8th saw 703 appointments booked - numbers we have not seen since late September of last year. Despite the onset of another wa...