What's happening in the Appointment Centre? April 28-May 4

As April drew to a close, our appointment centre experienced a lull compared to previous weeks with a total of just under 3,000 appointments booked, as some buyers await a rate cut. Overall, our appointment centre facilitated 14,203 total appointments, which represents just over 20% decrease when compared to 2023. 

The appointment/sold index jumped to 11.4 this week after hovering around 9.0 for the last three weeks. In addition, new listings have overtaken solds which is a reversal of a trend we have experienced for a majority of this year. 

Regarding our top price ranges, the Niagara region saw the $1-2M price range usurped from the #1 spot by the much lower $650-700k range. In Halton, the $950k-1M range dropped from the chart altogether and mid-range prices appear to be increasing in popularity within this region. Hamilton remained fairly similar to last week, with mid-range price points occupying most of the chart aside from the $1-2M range at #1.