What's happening in the Appointment Centre? March 17-23

As we approach the end of March, our appointment centre facilitated 3,261 appointments, which represents a 9% increase compared to last week. Overall this month, we are seeing just over a 15% decrease in total appointments when compared to 2023, and the number of appointments picking up considerably with Thursday and Friday almost equal in showing volumes. 

The appointment/sold index is the lowest it’s been this year, indicating a strong buyer sentiment. Sold properties have over shadowed new listings by nearly 60 units, as buyers confidently absorb property inventories. 

Our top price ranges again remained fairly consistent, with a few changes of note. Specifically, the Niagara region saw the $350-400k price range re-enter the top 5 after higher price ranges have been occupying most of the regions top spots. Halton continues to see higher price ranges on top, with the exception of the $600-650k range. Hamilton has remained fairly consistent with mid range price points still occupying most of our top 5.