What's happening in the Appointment Centre? March 31-April 6

As we step into April, our appointment centre is seeing a notable increase in our weekly appointments. Specifically, the appointment centre hosted 3,205 appointments, which is nearly a 26% increase over last week, which is one of the largest week-over-week increases we have seen in a very long time.  If we compare these numbers to the start of April in 2023, appointments are only down 8.3%, and we may see this gap shrink or disappear altogether as the month progresses.

The appointment/sold index jumped to 13.0, a significant change compared to the past few weeks which is attributed to an increase in inventory along with more buyers entering the market.

The $1-2M price range continues to hold the top spot in Hamilton and Halton. Otherwise, Hamilton saw every price range between $600-650k and $750-800k represented on the chart as well as the $1-2M range. Halton continues to demonstrate the popularity of our more expensive price ranges, as well as the $650-700k range. Niagara is seeing mostly mid-range price points as most popular aside from the $1-2M range in the #4 spot.