What's happening in the appointment centre? Oct. 13-19

What's happening in the appointment centre? Oct. 13-19

Appointments dipped slightly last week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday closure on Monday. Even so, appointments overall in October continue to far outperform October 2018, with 24.1% more appointments month to date.

Our Sold/Appointment Index remains steady at 21.2 appointments on average per property sold during this time frame.

When we look at our weekly breakdown of appointments, Friday saw the highest number of appointments, which is typical, however Tuesday after the Holiday closure saw only 28 fewer appointments than Friday - a post holiday peak that we haven’t seen all year.

Price ranges in Hamilton saw the same price ranges as last week simply reorganized in popularity. Burlington seems to be back to a high volume of activity in both the high and middle price ranges. Niagara price ranges remained exactly the same as previously seen, with the exception of #5, which shifted from $250-300k to $200-250k.