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Known as “The Telephone City”, Brantford blends natural beauty with a rich and colourful history. The city is named after Joseph Brant, who allied the Mohawks with the British loyalists in the American Revolutionary War, and was also home to Alexander Graham Bell when developing the idea for the telephone. Naturally, Brantford boasts related historical sites such as the Bell Homestead and a statue of the inventor himself – a popular place for visitors and residents. The city is also the birthplace of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. Wayne and his family have had a profound influence on Canadian culture and are featured proudly on landmarks and as the namesake for an incredible recreation centre. The location of the city along the banks of the Grand River provides a picturesque backdrop for hiking on the Gilksison Flats Trail or enjoying the natural beauty of a site like Brant Conservation Area. Houses in the area vary from apartments to detached or semi-detached houses, providing a variety of attractive options to suit your needs. While Brantford is only 45 minutes away from Hamilton and less than an hour from Kitchener-Waterloo for those interested in commuting, the city itself is an agricultural and industrial centre. If you’re looking for a city with most of your needs close by, Brantford is certainly a fantastic and inviting option that should not be overlooked.