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Cambridge is a city full of history and beauty. It's a city that's grown from humble beginnings but has always been home to dedicated people who have made their mark on its landscape. In fact, there are four neighbourhoods within Cambridge that were once separate towns: Galt, Preston, Hespler, and Blair. The first three are all located in the downtown area of what is now Cambridge—a thriving centre for arts, recreation, culture and more. Galt was known for its industrial sector when it was an independent town—mostly textile and woolen mills—and this became important to Cambridge as a whole because it helped establish the city as an economic hub. When Galt joined Preston and Hespler to form "Galt" in 1856, they also brought their industries into the new town's identity. Today, Cambridge is still home to some of Canada's most prominent companies—and it's also a budding artistic centre! Whether you're looking for great food or entertainment options like theatre performances or live music concerts; or if you're looking for something else entirely, like beautiful parks and luscious golf courses, you're sure to find it in Cambridge!