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If you’re looking to live in the country, but not be too far from big-city amenities, look no further than Flamborough. Its collection of many small rural communities, plus a few urban centres has emerged thanks to its roots as an agricultural community and its natural progression from a land of indigenous peoples to English pioneers, to the diverse mixture it is today. The more “urban” communities of Waterdown and Carlisle act as bedroom communities for many working outside the area. Given that its roots are in farming, agriculture is still strong here with just shy of 75 per cent of Flamborough’s land mass reserved for farming. This includes poultry and dairy operations, hobby farmers, and growers of corn, strawberries and other cash crops. The area also has an active equine community with a number of different riding schools and horse farms. Flamborough is comprised of an estimated 20 communities: Bullock’s Corners, Carlisle, Christie’s Corners, Clappison’s Corners, Copetown, Freelton, Greensville, Lynden, Kirkwall, Millgrove, Mountsberg, Orkney, Peter’s Corners, Rockton, Troy, Sheffield, Valens, Waterdown, West Flamborough Village and Westover.