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Located east of Hamilton on Lake Ontario, Grimsby has the perfect small-town vibe with plenty of big-city amenities. As the mid-point between Hamilton and St. Catharines, this picturesque spot has been home to robust residential and commercial development in recent years. The majority of Grimsby’s 27,000-plus inhabitants live in the area bounded by the Niagara Escarpment to the south and Lake Ontario to the north. Lakefront parks, creeks and conservation areas in addition to gorgeous panoramic lake views from the Escarpment brow make this a nature lover's paradise. The town’s tagline, ‘Friendly by Nature’ is more than fitting. For Niagara-bound commuters, the town also stands as the entry municipality or gateway to the rest of the Niagara region’s 11 other towns and cities. Grimsby is the perfect location for Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo commuters as it flanks the QEW and is just minutes from the 403 and 407.