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Nicknamed the Garden City thanks to its 1,000 acres of scenic parks, gardens and trails, many of which traverse the Niagara Escarpment or run alongside the Welland Canal and Lake Ontario, St. Catharines is the Niagara region’s biggest city and home to nearly one third of the region’s approximately 450,000 residents. Distinguished as a city small enough to be quaint and friendly, while large enough to support business, industry, healthcare services, a diverse multicultural community, facilities for sports and nature enthusiasts, jobs, entertainment and so much more, St. Catharines is an affordable city in which to live, work, shop and play. Situated in southern Ontario, the city is approximately 111 kilometres from Toronto on the QEW and about 19 kilometres from the Canada-U.S. border. Known for its microclimate, St. Catharines enjoys early springs and the abundant harvests that have earned the region the name as the fruit basket of Canada.