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First settled in the 1840s, the township of Puslinch includes many small communities such as Aberfoyle and Morriston, each with their own unique charms and community spaces. This township is home to Puslinch Lake – the largest kettle lake in North America – which is perfect for fishing and boating among other lakefront activities. The township has grown to over 300 businesses and over 10,000 residents with new housing developments providing the opportunity to find a home here. For those looking for a friendly, welcoming community, Pushlinch has plenty to offer. Over the years, the main industry has been aggregate mining; however, there are also many other local businesses that have made Puslinch their home, including the Aberfoyle Mill. The Mill is one of Puslinch's favourite restaurants that offers a mouth-watering variety of meals and a slice of local culture. If you're hungry for local history instead, this township has many historical sites such as the lush historic corner block, Morriston Pond, or one of the local antique markets that residents and visitors alike can enjoy. Natural beauty and plenty of community activities are two of the many appealing qualities that make Puslinch an attractive place to call home.