What's happening in the appointment centre? Feb. 21-27

What's happening in the appointment centre? Feb. 21-27

This week outperformed last week by 7.7%, and the month of February 2021 surpassed February 2020 by a staggering 63.3%! This is especially impressive considering this month had only 28 days in 2021. 

Historically, Friday’s are the busiest days for appointments, and this week is no exception. 
But - for the first time ever, a day other than Friday has surpassed 1000 appointments! On Thursday we reached 1063.

The sold/appointment index continues to slowly inch downward for the 5th week in a row. Inventory remains low and buyers may be showing signs of fatigue, and may be taking a break from this multiple offer environment.

Higher price ranges took the top spots in Hamilton, as mid to low ranges are pushed down the list. Burlington price ranges stayed fairly consistent with the previous week. Niagara saw the $750-800k price range take the #3 spot, but otherwise stayed fairly similar.