What's happening in the Appointment Centre? January 28-February 3

As January wraps up and we move into February, our appointment centre continues to record an increasing number of appointments week over week. This week there were 3,113 total appointments, over 11% higher compared to the previous week. Through the month of January, we saw only a 3.2% fewer appointments compared to January 2023. The next month may see us overtake our 2023 monthly appointment numbers if the current trend continues.

The appointment/sold index jumped from 10.2 to 14.4 this week, which is almost exactly where it was three weeks ago, indicating that inventory is holding steady and buyers are taking more time to make purchasing decisions.

Our top price ranges this week remained relatively similar to last week. Hamilton and Halton both continue to see the $1-2M price range at #1. Interestingly, Niagara is seeing the $850-900k price range at #1 which is significantly higher than previously recorded top price ranges in the area. In addition, Niagara and Hamilton are seeing more mid range price points in our top 5 compared to Halton which typically has our higher end price ranges occupying those spaces.