What's happening in the Appointment Centre? October 8-14

Last week saw a dramatic shift in the appointment centre, with 13.3% fewer appointments than the previous week.  The number of new listings grew slightly, while the number of properties sold decreased by 23.4%. Overall in October, appointments are just under 17% lower than 2022. 
The appointment/sold index has risen dramatically by just under 50% in the last week, as buyers continue to shop around as more inventory comes to market.  The index has not been this high since the week of November 6-12, 2022 where it was 27.3.
Hamilton saw the most drastic changes to its top price ranges, with lower to mid price ranges  steadily increasing in popularity, although the $1-2M  range still holds the top spot. Halton remains fairly similar to previous weeks where  the highest end price ranges are all represented, with some mid to high ranges reflected as well. Niagara remained almost identical to last week save for the $650-700k price range, which unseated the $350-400k at #5.